Whether you're targeting world-class rainbow trout and dolly varden or salmon, the kenai and kasilof rivers offer many year-round and diverse FISHING opportunities. 


By far the most popular river in Alaska, the Kenai River supports upwards of 34 different fish species. Most notably, the Kenai River is home to major runs of 4 pacific salmon species: Chinook Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon and Coho Salmon as well as trophy sized Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden which can reach over 30" in length!

The Kenai River is home to the world record Chinook Salmon weighing in at over 97 lbs. Chinooks on the Kenai River can weigh upwards of 50-85lbs. Much of the popularity of the Kenai River Guided fishing trips come from the pursuit of world-record proportioned Chinook Salmon.

4  Communities call the Kenai River home:  Cooper Landing, Sterling, Soldotna and Kenai. Each has its own special relationship with the Kenai River.


Cooper Landing Fishing Guide

Upper Kenai River

Guided Fishing Trips on the Upper Kenai are packed with scenery, world-class fishing and wildlife viewing!

Starting at river mile 82 and ending at river mile 65, Cooper Landing is the home to Kenai Lake and the Upper Kenai River. Kenai Lake is large, glacially-fed and is 22 miles in length.  

The Upper Kenai is a "Drift Only"section of river and is approximately 17 miles in length. Along with its tributaries, the Upper Kenai River provides important spawning and rearing habitat for Chinook, Coho and Sockeye Salmon and resident species such as Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden.  

Public Access and popular meeting points along the Sterling Highway include:  

Highway Mile 48.4 - The Cooper Landing State Recreation Site and Boat Launch

Highway Mile 51- Cooper Creek Campground

Highway Mile 52.5 - Russian River Campground

Highway Mile 55 - Sportsman Landing and Russian River Ferry

Highway Mile 58- Jim's Landing

Due to higher summer water flows, the Upper Kenai River can be tough to access on foot. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a fishing guide. Our guide service uses a  20' drift boats specifically designed to navigate the swift and cold waters of the Kenai River. Most guided fishing trips will be fly fishing utilizing a very easy "indicator nymphing" technique.  Fly fishing with this technique is very easy to learn and a lot of fun! Our guides are experts at teaching fly fishing techniques to help you catch more fish!


Cooper Landing Fishing Guide

Middle Kenai River

Guided Fishing Trips on the Middle Kenai River are where the "Big River" Begins. Big Water, Big Fish and Big Rewards!

The Middle Kenai River stretches from the outlet of Skilak Lake to the bridge in Soldotna (River Mile 50-21). The Middle Kenai River is known for its "Jurassic" Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. These legendary fish gorge themselves on the bounty of salmon eggs and salmon flesh as many salmon spawn and die in the middle river. Extremely healthy runs of Sockeye Salmon and Coho Salmon rely on the Middle Kenai River for spawning and habitat for their young.

Guided fishing trips on the Middle Kenai River can be quite an adventure. We launch our drift boat from Lower Skilak Lake in Sterling, AK and make about a 25 minute crossing towards the outlet of the lake which becomes the Middle Kenai River. Guided fishing trips on the Middle Kenai River can be very successful, especially when fishing for Salmon or Trout.


Highway Mile 79 - Bing's Landing State Recreation Site and Boat Launch

City of Soldotna - Swiftwater Park, Campground and Boat Launch

Funny River State Recreation Site and Campground

Highway Mile 80-88 - Morgan's Landing State Recreation Area, Campground and Alaska State Parks Kenai Area Headquarters

Highway Mile 81 - Izaak Walton State Recreation Site, Campground and Boat Launch


Les Anderson.jpg

The Legend of the Kenai River

On May 17, 1985 Les Anderson put the Kenai River on the map. Les landed the world-record King Salmon at 97 lb 4 oz. His record still stands and may never be broken.

Thousands and thousands of people have flocked to the Kenai River since his record-breaking feat in search of a Kenai River giant Chinook Salmon.

The Lower Kenai River begins at the bridge in downtown Soldotna. This stretch of river is where the Kenai gained its worldwide fame. The world record King Salmon was caught in this stretch of water by Les Anderson in 1985. Les landed a behemoth King Salmon weighing 97 lbs 4 ozs - a record that still stands and will most likely never be broken.

Traditionally a Salmon fishing mecca, the Lower Kenai River is gaining fame for Trophy Rainbow Trout fishing. The Lower Kenai River hosts hundreds of thousands of spawning salmon, providing a seemingly never-ending food supply for trout. The water on the Lower Kenai River is big and tough to fish, but astute fishing guides know how put you on fish!


Cooper Landing Fishing Guide

Kasilof River

Known as the "Little Brother of the Kenai." Guided Fishing Trips on the Kasilof River involve a lot of action and big fish!

Known as the "little brother of the Kenai," the Kasilof River is a large, glacially fed river that runs for approximately 18 miles from the outlet at Tustumena Lake to the upper Cook Inlet. Most guided angling is done with the aid of a drift boat from one of a few boat launches in Kasilof, AK; however, bank angling for salmon is common. The Kasilof has a tremendous run of Sockeye Salmon and is known for the size of late-run Chinooks. The early run Chinooks are largely hatchery fish, but are often plentiful.

Guided fishing trips on the Kasilof River are definitely an adventure. Whether floating the wild and tranquil upper Kasilof or starting your adventure at the bridge and ending up at the takeout owned by the Kasilof Cabins, a trip down the Kasilof is a memorable experience. King Salmon guided fishing trips are very popular here as well as late season guided fishing trips for Coho Salmon.

Though the Kasilof River doesn't get the attention the Kenai River does, it is one of the premier fisheries in Alaska. A guided fishing trip on the Kasilof will prove to be an excellent departure from the norm!