Kenai, alaska... situated approximately 160 miles southwest of Anchorage, where the world-famous Kenai River meets the Cook Inlet.  The city of Kenai has the advantage of being commercially serviced by plane several times per day, with a flight that lasts about 20 minutes from Anchorage.  If time is not a factor, the drive along the Sterling Highway is part of the adventure itself, so if you have the means, you should definitely take advantage of it!

Where the city of Kenai is currently located, a Dena'ina tribe known as the Kahtnuht’ana – “People of the Kenai River”- had called home since before any recorded history.  After the Louisiana Purchase, salmon canneries were constructed at the mouth of the river and became a major source of economic growth.  As with neighboring communities, the modern-day town came about as a series of homesteads, primarily owned by World War II veterans, and had the population increase dramatically when oil was discovered in the Swanson River.  

Kenai is the hub of many recreational activities, especially when it comes to the Kenai River.  This area of the river is often the most used, as it serves not only sport fishing, but personal use and commercial fishing as well.    

Outside of river activities in Kenai, there is no shortage of wildlife viewing, be it land or marine creatures, and it serves as a very popular birding destination.  Kenai also offers many maintained hiking and biking trails with stunning views, as both Redoubt and Iliamna volcanoes are visible from the city, as well as Cook Inlet.