...has some unique history as it was named for "the very next visitor to step off" a boat shuttling newcomers to the area. That person was Percy Hope. There couldn't have been a more fitting name for the small prospecting town than Hope, as finding gold and prosperity was the hope of early settlers.

Hope is situated perfectly away from the usual hustle and bustle of the highway system leading from Anchorage to the greater Kenai Peninsula.  You'll know you've found Hope when you reach the dead end of the Hope Highway off of the Hope Highway/Seward Highway junction.  

If you're driving from Anchorage to the Kenai Peninsula, this charming little town is worth a stop. The Hope Highway winds through scenic, rural Alaska with rivers, forest, cascading mountains and the ocean all lining the roadway.  On a clear day, you may be able to spot Hope long before you reach it--across the waters of Turnagain Arm from the Seward Highway before you reach Girdwood.

While not reaching the epic numbers of the Kenai and rivers further south, the creeks and rivers in and around Hope do offer some salmon and trout fishing.  However, as there still are many active gold prospecting claims in the area, one does need to be aware of and obey private property laws/signs.