Trout Spey Fishing Video - Our first attempt at Vlogging!

With camera in-tow, Dave set out on a few days of fishing with the goal of recording some tips for spey fishing for trout, also known as “trout spey.”

Filling the down-time of the off-season is something all fishing guides do a little differently. Aside from handling bookings for 2019, we have found photography and videography to be fun hobbies that help pass the time, but also help with building our business.

In our first vlog, Dave lays out some important tips for trout spey that viewers will hopefully get a lot out of. You’ll get on the water, first-hand advice on casting, fishing and making the most of your day on the water.

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Trout spey fishing is a super fun fly fishing method for trout. In this video, Dave goes over some Trout spey fishing and casting tips. Check us out: Spey fishing is becoming more and more popular in Alaska and throughout the world. Cooper Landing Fishing Guide regularly features Kenai River Spey Fishing on guided trips.