RV's and Fishing in Alaska

The benefits of a motor home for your angling adventures in Alaska.

Want to fish in Alaska and travel from honey hole to honey hole at your own pace?  Renting a motor home might be the best way to do just that.  You’ll never have to scramble to find a hotel room, a lodge or a VRBO (especially considering the often higher summer rates).  You’ll always have a comfortable roof over your head and a vehicle to get you around.  

Aside from the upside of having a rental vehicle and mobile hotel all in one, you won’t have to constantly pack and repack your suitcases and fishing gear; you can unpack one time and forget about it.  There is also the satisfaction of being able to stay an extra day or two in an area that you may not have planned to.

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Another thing to consider is how difficult it can be to find rental vehicles during the peak summer season.  Housing in your angling destinations of choice may also be booked that time of year as well making a motor home the ideal solution.

Great Alaskan Holidays hit the nail on the head when it comes to trip planning advice: “Alaska must be discovered slowly – one adventure at a time. Touring by motor home gives you the freedom to explore a roadside glacier, linger a while longer to talk fishing with the locals, or take time for a little side road adventure. Great Alaskan Holidays caters to people with an independent spirit – a spirit that won’t be restrained by a prepackaged tour, a rigid time table, or anybody else’s idea of adventure. After all, this is your vacation.”

Alaska is huge and is best explored in bite-sized chunks.  RV’s allow you to get the most out of the time you’re here.  One of the biggest mistakes first time visitors make is running themselves ragged trying to see as much of Alaska as they can in the short time they are here.  

Photo by Great Alaskan Holidays

Photo by Great Alaskan Holidays

Vacationers often spend more time on the road driving than exploring.  Some of the most popular fishing and recreational destinations in Alaska are just too far of a drive from each other to get the most out of each experience.

As a fishing guide and outfitting business, our primary goal is to ensure our guests have the best possible day on the water we can provide. We recognize that a fishing trip with us is is just a small part of most of our guest’s vacations.  We want our guests to get as much out of their time in Alaska as they can and we believe a motor home is one of the best ways to do just that.  Happy RV'ing and tight lines!