Save the Snow! Say no to dams on the Kenai River watershed!

No Kenai Dam!

MAR 5, 2017 — Wow everyone! You're really coming together and we're building a strong voice against Chugach Electric and their plans to dam the Snow River!

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Snow River to remind ourselves how beautiful the valley is and how important the Snow River is to the health of the Kenai River. Make no mistake, the Snow River IS the Kenai River!

I know everyone is overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of attacks on our environment and you've probably signed 40 or 50 petitions already. I know it's hard to keep up the energy, especially when there are so many terrifying projects in the works all over the country dividing our attention. 

We need you to spread the word and help people wrap their heads around the scope and magnitude of the damage a dam anywhere on the Kenai watershed would do.

Some of the most common and surprising reactions we've had about this project are the following:

- "ah, it'll never happen"
- "well, it's only the Snow River"
- "it's not THE Kenai River exactly"
- "the Snow River doesn't support Salmon, Trout and Dolly Populations"

Right now, we're working on building a website as a platform for dispelling these myths and to raise awareness for the importance of the Snow River to the health of the Kenai River.  

What we've got coming up:

- The deadline for comments is fast approaching. Public comments can be made on the FERC website @ USE Project No. 14810-000
- Open letter from our petitioners to the Seward Chamber of Commerce asking to officially withdraw their public support for this project
-Open letter to Chugach Electric, showing the tremendous support we're gathering and why we all oppose this project
-Data gathering - Working with biologists, ADF&G, Federal Wildlife Officials, Dam Removal Specialists, River Coalition Groups and other Dam Opponents around the globe

What you can do to help:  

- Spread awareness by sharing this petition
- Dig in to the issue of dams, dam removal and how they impact rivers and streams
- Visit our website @ as we will have more and more information about this project and how you can get involved
- If you have any resources or connections to people who are well-versed in stream ecology, anadromous fish, dams, etc... please don't hesitate to send them in our direction

Thank you again for your support to protect the Snow River and the Kenai River system!


David Lisi