Our most valuable natural resources, wild and untouched rivers and landscapes, are on the brink of being lost forever. The damage and losses are permanent. These places will not recover, nor can they ever be enjoyed again.

Can you put a price on the permanent destruction of public lands and water for the profit of a few? What about the hundreds of millions of people who forever lose their right to enjoy the millions of acres of land and water we own? Are we really willing to give up these places for the promises of temporary jobs, cheaper electricity, cheaper gas and so on? Does anyone actually believe these lies or can we just cut to the chase and agree these corporations lie and make false promises to get what they want?

Why is it so easy for corporations to bottle up our natural resources and turn around and sell them back to us for a profit-all the while, destroying our land and water and robbing us of the opportunities they provide?

Why are we, those who fight against these evils considered the "lunatic fringe." Why are we demonized for trying to preserve and protect the last strongholds of what it truly means to be free. These wild, scenic and untouched places were historically saved to remind us of this freedom, not as a savings account for the rich and powerful.

When will we take a stand against this relentless land, water and money grab? When is enough enough? 

What will it take to get you fired up about protecting the very little we have left?

As if there weren't enough battles being fought, we are facing another corporate take-over of public lands on the Snow River Corridor. 

Chugach Electric is proposing a dam that has already been proposed in 1961 and 1979, both times being rejected. Alaska also has a decreasing demand for electricity and because the 6 utilities can't play nice, we are stuck with the prospect of losing 17,000 acres of the Chugach National Forest. We are compiling as much information about the Snow River, the dam project and the absurd nature of this proposal on our website www.nokenaidam.org. 

We are normal, everyday people who decided enough is enough. We hope you'll side with us and say enough is enough as well!