Save the Snow River!

**Fight the Snow River Dam with Peninsula Rivers Conservancy!**

Peninsula Rivers Conservancy

MAR 13, 2017 — What gets you outside? For thousands of Alaskans and visitors, it's the pristine wilderness and all the great places we can get away!

The Snow River Corridor is just such a place. It's pristine, wild and there are endless opportunities for recreation including: hunting, fishing, hiking, ice climbing, birding, snow machining and wildlife viewing.  

Why lose almost 17,000 acres of this playground to 3 dams so Chugach Electric can use your water to generate electricity and make a profit off of it?

We would forever lose a part of what makes Alaska so special. This is the Last Frontier after all and if you're anything like me, the last frontier doesn't conjure up images of 700 foot long dams and sockeye salmon banging their heads against concrete to try to get home to spawn.

If you love Alaska and her wild places, take a stand and spread the word about this senseless dam project!

Share this petition, visit our website and get vocal!

Thank you again!