Time sure flies around here!

Larry and Suzanne with an awesome tagged September Kenai Rainbow!

Larry and Suzanne with an awesome tagged September Kenai Rainbow!

You blink around here and summer is gone! Our first season has been nothing short of amazing!  From awesome guests, to great fishing, to overcoming a lot of obstacles. We certainly couldn't be happier with our new adventure!

Right now we are continuing to offer trips through the remainder of the 2017 season and look forward to 2018. Look for announcements coming soon for our youth fly fishing offerings as well as new locations and opportunities!

A huge thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement!

Fishing is starting to pick up!

As the first run of Sockeye and King Salmon starts to wain, we eagerly anticipate the 2nd runs, which brings bigger and more fish! Trout fishing is just starting to get hot as well and will definitely continue to get better!

We've been swinging flies for Kings and having a great time with clients putting them in touch with rod-breaking behemoths!

Kevin with his 3rd on the day!

Kevin with his 3rd on the day!


It's hard to believe, but June is almost over! We've been operating guided fishing trips since early May and couldn't be happier with the great experiences we've had so far! 

Right now, we are offering a mixture of fishing opportunities on the Upper Kenai River and Kasilof rivers for trout and salmon. The first run of Chinook on the Kasilof seem to be just about over, but the sockeye are pouring in and the trout fishing is picking up on the Upper Kenai.

Today will be one of our first trips targeting Chinooks on the swung fly and we couldn't be more excited to see what the day brings!

A Nice Sockeye from the Kasilof River.

A Nice Sockeye from the Kasilof River.



"..In light of everything we’d learned in this process — the inefficiencies of the Railbelt utilities, the bottlenecks and things like that, and the way this project came about with not a lot of background research — it raised a lot of concerns with us about how it was produced and presented to the public,” Lisi said. “… Our overall goal is to bring people from a lot of different groups and organizations together to rally behind these sorts of things and hopefully put a stop to them earlier.” 


Our most valuable natural resources, wild and untouched rivers and landscapes, are on the brink of being lost forever. The damage and losses are permanent. These places will not recover, nor can they ever be enjoyed again.

Can you put a price on the permanent destruction of public lands and water for the profit of a few? What about the hundreds of millions of people who forever lose their right to enjoy the millions of acres of land and water we own? Are we really willing to give up these places for the promises of temporary jobs, cheaper electricity, cheaper gas and so on? Does anyone actually believe these lies or can we just cut to the chase and agree these corporations lie and make false promises to get what they want?

Why is it so easy for corporations to bottle up our natural resources and turn around and sell them back to us for a profit-all the while, destroying our land and water and robbing us of the opportunities they provide?

Why are we, those who fight against these evils considered the "lunatic fringe." Why are we demonized for trying to preserve and protect the last strongholds of what it truly means to be free. These wild, scenic and untouched places were historically saved to remind us of this freedom, not as a savings account for the rich and powerful.

When will we take a stand against this relentless land, water and money grab? When is enough enough? 

What will it take to get you fired up about protecting the very little we have left?

As if there weren't enough battles being fought, we are facing another corporate take-over of public lands on the Snow River Corridor

Chugach Electric is proposing a dam that has already been proposed in 1961 and 1979, both times being rejected. Alaska also has a decreasing demand for electricity and because the 6 utilities can't play nice, we are stuck with the prospect of losing 17,000 acres of the Chugach National Forest. We are compiling as much information about the Snow River, the dam project and the absurd nature of this proposal on our website www.nokenaidam.org

We are normal, everyday people who decided enough is enough. We hope you'll side with us and say enough is enough as well!



Save the Snow! Say no to dams on the Kenai River watershed!

No Kenai Dam!

MAR 5, 2017 — Wow everyone! You're really coming together and we're building a strong voice against Chugach Electric and their plans to dam the Snow River!

Yesterday, we took a trip to the Snow River to remind ourselves how beautiful the valley is and how important the Snow River is to the health of the Kenai River. Make no mistake, the Snow River IS the Kenai River!

I know everyone is overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of attacks on our environment and you've probably signed 40 or 50 petitions already. I know it's hard to keep up the energy, especially when there are so many terrifying projects in the works all over the country dividing our attention. 

We need you to spread the word and help people wrap their heads around the scope and magnitude of the damage a dam anywhere on the Kenai watershed would do.

Some of the most common and surprising reactions we've had about this project are the following:

- "ah, it'll never happen"
- "well, it's only the Snow River"
- "it's not THE Kenai River exactly"
- "the Snow River doesn't support Salmon, Trout and Dolly Populations"

Right now, we're working on building a website as a platform for dispelling these myths and to raise awareness for the importance of the Snow River to the health of the Kenai River.  

What we've got coming up:

- The deadline for comments is fast approaching. Public comments can be made on the FERC website @ http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/ecomment.asp USE Project No. 14810-000
- Open letter from our petitioners to the Seward Chamber of Commerce asking to officially withdraw their public support for this project
-Open letter to Chugach Electric, showing the tremendous support we're gathering and why we all oppose this project
-Data gathering - Working with biologists, ADF&G, Federal Wildlife Officials, Dam Removal Specialists, River Coalition Groups and other Dam Opponents around the globe

What you can do to help:  

- Spread awareness by sharing this petition
- Dig in to the issue of dams, dam removal and how they impact rivers and streams
- Visit our website @ www.nokenaidam.org as we will have more and more information about this project and how you can get involved
- If you have any resources or connections to people who are well-versed in stream ecology, anadromous fish, dams, etc... please don't hesitate to send them in our direction

Thank you again for your support to protect the Snow River and the Kenai River system!


David Lisi